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A copy of Mosaizer Pro can be freely downloaded. You can install the software on many computers if you like, but you cannot use the software for commercial purposes without first requesting a commercial license from APP Helmond. With a commercial license also extra features are unlocked (and thus released from demo mode).

With Mosaizer Pro exiting features are available, such as the use of canvas textures and brush masks with random painting to make your picture very special and photorealistic. Mosaizer Pro 11 easily outperforms
  Left: a commercial software.    Right: Mosaizer Pro 11
commercially available photo-mosaic software.
Mosaizer Pro 11 is now a trendsetting application!
With Mosaizer Pro 11 the software has grown into a stable and fast application. Thanks to the users to address this and many thanks to the beta testers who provided useful feedback, we believe that this version 11 is now stable. Mosaizer Pro 11 is packed with a rich set of new features. Mosaizer Pro is now trendsetting a new feature which is not found in any existing software: double layered transparent mosaics. It applies the concept of chroma-keying like in many modern movies. A truly unique feature!

These are the most noteworthy new features and improvements:
  • Mosaic videos: create your amazing live-motion video using your own footage video, here is an amazing example
  • Tile flipping: virtually doubling the color matching capabilities of a library
  • Transparency fully implemented: all mosaics can be saved with the alpha-channel
  • Double-layered mosaics: the bottom layer being a full mosaic, the top layer being a transparent layer with chroma-key color removal options
  • Chroma-keying implemented: colors can be removed (using HSL levels and ranges/tolerance) with blurring capability to create a seamless blend with the underlying layer (or remain transparent)
  • Option to save in the 32bit RGBA formats: PNG or PSD (allowing for red-green-blue-alpha channels)
  • Intuitive and responsive chroma-key interface with proofing bitmaps to accurately tune the chroma key values
  • Chroma-keying and transparency also valid for super-mosaics and smart grids

Some examples of what can be done with transparent mosaics
Transparency comes in a variety of options. When a mono-layered mosaic is made and the picture library is of .png format the final mosaic is also transparent (left picture). Next, when a double-layered mosaic is made, the bottom layer can remain opague, but the chrom-key for the top-layer will allow for transparency by removing that color from the library picture (middle picture). Finally, when a picture library is created with a color background (e.g. all kinds of shapes on a white background), that white can be removed and made transparent (right picture). And many variations of course.
  • Use of .png files in the library description
    Use of .png files in the library
  • Chroma-key in the second layer description
    Chroma-key in the second layer
  • Chroma-key allows for overlaps description
    Chroma-key allows for overlaps

We have been working hard on exciting new features
Development of Mosaizer Pro never stops. In most cases users request new features, like multi-masking and use of .PNG files for masks. Sometimes we come across a great idea and start working out a new feature. Sometimes a new idea leads to a new product, such as Collaizer and Picture Frame Wizard. And sometimes a comparable application ('competitor product') show a new feature which is so badly implemented, or responds extremely slowly to our settings and changes, we believe we can do better. These are some examples of what has been made available with version 9.
  • Detail: some pictures are bigger than others description
    Multiple masks can be used
  • Overview of the complete result description
    Live-update of adaptive meshing
  • Detail: some pictures are bigger than others description
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We have a video review of Mosaizer Pro.
Check out this website for a full review and a video of the first steps to create a great photo mosaic.

          Video review

We need your help!
In the past year we have noticed a steadily growing user base for our three major free applications: Mosaizer Pro, Textaizer Pro and Wordaizer. We offer our software for free for non-commercial use. But this takes a lot of time and effort to make it right, so we need your help! If the software contains errors, bugs or any other issue, please let us know! This is the only way to find the hidden issues, and your help and feedback is highly appreciated.
Thank you!

Special pictures
We have made some special pictures. Hover over the picture to see a larger version. Click on the picture to download the final picture, and (if any): the corresponding source file, mask and preset file.
  • Sean Connery portrait description
    Sean Connery - Scottish actor
  • Lene Marlin - norwegian singer description
    Lene Marlin - Norwegian singer
  • OakLeaf in autumn description
    OakLeaf in autumn

Extra downloads: picture libraries

These libraries of pictures can help you to create your first photo mosaic piece of art. We highly recommend to download these libraries, and read the tutorials on how to create a library for Mosaizer Pro (can be downloaded from the 'Goodies' page).

Extra download 1: 150 extra masks in .PNG and .BMP format

This is the installer to add about 150 more masks to the Mosaizer Pro application. It does not work with previous (7.x and 8.x) versions because the masks are mainly of the .PNG file format.

Extra download 2: Mosaizer Lite (we think it's the fastest photo-mosaics creator on the web: a 400 Mb photo mosaic in just 8 seconds...)

This is the stable release of Mosaizer Lite. It works on XP systems (SP1, SP2 and SP3), on Vista systems (Home, premium, Ultra, SP1) and of course on Windows 7 versions. It works both on 32bit and 64bit systems. Please read the Help file to get you started. In short: after installation you can immediately start making photo mosaics, because it has two pre-installed libraries ! More libraries can be downloaded from the 'Goodies page'.

    Mosaizer Lite test version 1.2 build 3:
    Mosaizer Lite                               Mosaizer Lite

Extra download 3: Mosaizer CLI, the Command Line Interface version

This is the stable release of MosaizerCLI where the user can apply a dos command to execute the mosaic creation. This version has two major functionalities: to create a photo mosaic from scratch (a new mosaic), or to update an existing photo mosaic with a new picture. The software is very suitable for dynamic websites, where visitors can upload their picture, while the Mosaizer CLI creates or updates a photo mosaic. It currently runs only under windows (so only usable for Windows servers).
This is not freeware, but shareware. Please contact APP Helmond for license information.

    MosaizerCLI - 23 March 2014:

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