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Mosaizer is more than just another photo mosaic creator !

"Mosaizer Pro makes it very easy to create mosaics and add mosaic effect to your photos. Itís highly customizable, easy to use, if you donít want all the advanced settings you can just stick to the simple wizard and leave it at that. Give it a try and see how it goes." Read the details of the full review on

"If you want to give your artistic abilities a try, check out Mosaizer Ė this amazingly powerful application will turn into a real magic wand in your hands!" Smart Review on

"Mighty great mosaics: for those who like to create a mosaic from their holiday pictures." We have a 4-page workshop article in the dutch magazine 'Computer idee'
  A 4-page Mosaizer Pro workshop has been published
, issue #20, 2010.

"Mosaizer Pro is an exceptional mosaic photo creation wizard that newbies and professionals alike can master quickly and easily." on

"Mosaizer Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best mosaic creation applications in the market. The amount of customization options and the simple conversion process make this free program stand among the top in the field." on

munch madonna example

euro's example

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Mosaizer Pro 12 has been released!

The latest version of Mosaizer Pro has an exciting new feature: mosaic video creation. Create your panning and zooming path, and then simply push the button and wait. Here is an amazing example how the new version of Mosaizer Pro again delivers professional results for everyone. But don't forget the previous great feature to create a double-layered mosaic
  Base layer + transparent top layer from green-screen pictures
, based on a first layer of a 'normal' mosaic, topped with a second set of color matching pictures, but now also made transparent.
Here you can see an example of a photo mosaic with transparent tiles.

What is Mosaizer Pro?

Mosaizer Pro is a superior and trendsetting freeware photo mosaic creator with an addtional set of exclusive tools to create great photo-art painting effects.

What can you do with Mosaizer Pro?

You can create photo art. Mosaizer Pro is an extensive set of bitmap editing tools such as patterns, colored patches, masks and filters and it basically use a large number of pictures to work with. And yes, you can of course make photo mosaic
  From a distance: the full picture and at close-up individual the sub-pictures can been distinguished
pictures. Here is a little demonstrator video to explain all about the possibilities of Mosaizer Pro.

Who uses Mosaizer Pro?

Anyone can use Mosaizer Pro. Although it's a professional DTP tool, creativity is not an exclusive domain for professionals.

Is Mosaizer Pro unique in its kind?

Not entirely. Many photo mosaic creation and bitmap editing software is available, but Mosaizer Pro adds some unique features you can hardly achieve with existing bitmap editors.

Characteristics of Mosaizer Pro

A photo mosaic is a picture which is built from hundreds or thousands of small pictures. Each of these smaller pictures has a certain color impression, and when looking from a distance the original source picture is recognised. If looking from close-up, the individual pictures can be seen. With Mosaizer Pro you can make such photo mosaic pictures. But Mosaizer Pro can do much more that just that. The key features are:

Some examples from Mosaizer Pro

Examples of the key features are shown on the right. From top to bottom: the use of the 'mosaizer' tool with the madonna of Edvard Munch
  The original and mosaized pictures were merged
; using an alpha mask for a photo-mosaic
  Smooth transitions between sub-cells with masks
to create transparency on the edges of each sub-picture; photo-realistic euro's
  Only masks are used - and bit filtering
with use of an alpha mask and a source-mask; and the use of a 32-bit alpha mask
  No real photo-mosaic, but 3D-'art' with 32-bit masks
in combination with a shadow effect.

Other features of Mosaizer Pro

  • picture Library creation and management (add, merge)
  • Mask Manager to fully control the use of all the masks, overlays
      This overlay creates a partially transparent watermark effect
    , 32-bit masks and patterns
  • preview functionality to quickly test and evaluate the effect of the chosen settings
  • library match
      Quickly assess the source and library color match
    function to quickly assess the color matching capabilities of a certain set of pictures
  • a choice of 3 color match algorithms to better tune the choice of color matching with the color palette of the chosen picture library. When a mosaized picture is reconstructed back with the same size settings as its pieces, the match is now 100% accurate.
  • the speed of photo mosaic creation: a 6000 picture (16MB size) photo mosaic will take about 10 seconds on the recommended configuration.
  • almost unlimited size of the mosaic: max 4.6 GB bitmap size with a limit of 4 million sub-pictures. That would equal a poster of approximately 200 m2 at 72 dpi. We have an example of a bitmap of 420 MB in size on the Gallery page.

How does Mosaizer Pro 12 compare with competitive products?

You have to make your own mind up here. We can't tell what is the best application, but we can show you the results of a very simple test to visualize the differences. The three pictures on the right are details from the result of (Artensoft Mosaic), (Andrea Mosaic), (Photo Mosaic Creator 2), and (Mosaizer Pro 12.0).
  The album cover of the band Gryphon is an excellent source for mosaic quality testing
is the source picture to compare details of color impression, and details of the feathers and the white text on the top.

You can easily test this yourself: 53 x 53 tiles, cell size 34 pixels with 30% source blend. Artensoft took about 5 minutes, incl. library scanning (actual mosaic saving took > 30 seconds), Andrea Mosaic took 54 seconds, Photo Mosaic Creator 2 took 8 seconds, and Mosaizer Pro took 6 seconds. Artensoft took 5-10 seconds for each time we tried to look at another part of the mosaic result.

The quality of the result.. well, see for yourself. The only reason to use these settings for the test was because Photo Mosaic Creator 2 is shareware and allowing only 'free and unlimited' testing for max 10 MB per mosaic result. Artensoft prints a nag text on the result if a free 30 day trial is downloaded. Mosaizer Pro's core functionality is 100% free.

Textaizer Pro: the other key application from APP Helmond

APP Helmond has developed another application, called Textaizer Pro. This application creates pictures from text, a method that is usually referred to as 'Text Mosaics'
  From a distance Shakira is recognised, but at close-up the text can be read
. Textaizer Pro can also create text from pictures. This is widely known as 'ASCII Art'
  ASCII art is widely used as an e-mail stationary
On the web there are many programs that can make ASCII art, Textaizer Pro however combines both text mosaic creation and ASCII art. Textaizer Pro also offers a unique possibility to make video clips from text mosaic frames, directly taken from video footage.

The key features of Textaizer Pro are:
  • create text from bitmaps
  • create bitmaps from text
  • free drawing ASCII art with eraser functionality
  • create video with ASCII art from video clips
  • tuning filters to assure a best possible starting picture
  • saving the result as bitmap or as scaleable vector file

Every picture tells a story

Both Mosaizer Pro and Textaizer Pro use this expression very literally. With Mosaizer Pro a picture consists of 1000's of smaller pictures. If these pictures follow a theme, a story can be told (or discovered).
With Textaizer Pro the picture is built from text. When large fonts are used and sufficient distance between each line is taken, the reader can easily discover the story in the picture.

Mosaizer Pro, Textaizer Pro and Wordaizer are trademarks of APP Helmond, The Netherlands   Download at